Podcast Season 2!

Hello, hello everyone! I’m looking to season 2 of the Shelly Saves the Day podcast and I want to get requests from you on what topics you’d like an episode on. Anything from interviews with fellow creators, content strategy, cool tools, general questions you have: I want to hear them all!

The Shelly Saves the Day Podcast is available on all your favorite platforms so you can enjoy it wherever you want to, however you want to. I hope you enjoy it, I look forward to talking with you on the air!

If you love the Shelly Saves the Day podcast, please leave it a 5☆ review wherever you listen to it. If you take a photo of yourself listening to it and tag me on Instagram, I will repost it as well to say Thank You for the love!

Drop me a suggestion and it might just get picked! Don’t forget, you can always catch up on the entire Podmas playlist either on your favorite listening platform…or even YouTube!

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