Ways to Make Money on YouTube | Podmas Day 5

Ways to Make Money on YouTube | Podmas Day 5

I know that inevitably when the conversation turns to money 2 things happen a lot:
1. Someone has to shout or is at least thinking in their head “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!”
2. When you ask people about money, some of them will go radio silent. As if, they really don’t want to share their secrets with you.

I’m not like that, I’m gonna give you everything I’ve got, and you can do with it whatever you will. I can’t make you do something, only you can, when you finally feel compelled to take action. Today we are tackling different ways to make money online or as a content creator. Is this list all inclusive? Nope! So if you have additional ideas or ways you’re making money, I’d love to have you share with the community and start a conversation.

Here are a list of some resources that you can check out to help you make more money online:

Use MagicLinks to create links for products you are showcasing.

Use TubeBuddy to save time and slay your SEO game.

Use EBates to get cashback on your online purchases.

Make your own merch with TeeSpring online!

Check out Merch by Amazon

Create an online course to teach others with a site like Teachable.

Create a profile and connect with brands at FameBit.

☕️Buy me a cup of coffee as a one time show of support! Check out this site to set up your site too!
Also check out sites like Patreon.

Shop iPhone cellphone cases from Kimbyr.com and use code Shelly15 to save 15% off your purchase!
(Not an affilliate link, just sharing the Shelly Savings with you!)

Check out my list of ways to save money online. I made a whole list for you!

Feel free to join my FaceBook group if you’re interested in continuing your journey from Brand New to Branded Business.

If you have resources that have really helped you and you would recommend, please leave a comment and share it with me!
Also, if you’re enjoying this series, please leave a ☆☆☆☆ review (5 Star) on your favorite listening platform I would really appreciate it!

See you all tomorrow!


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  1. automationbundle
    December 6, 2018

    I love this post ! i red your blog fairy often and you’re always cominig with some great stuff i shared this on my facebook and my followers loved it Keep up the good work 🙂


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