Relax, Don’t Do It, When it Comes to Certain Music! | Podmas Day 9

Relax, Don’t Do It, When it Comes to Certain Music! | Podmas Episode 9

Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of illegal songs all across the interwebz…people, this is a rookie mistake. Yes, I understand you love Ariana Grande, I do too, but when it comes to using music that you’re not supposed to? Please don’t just say Thank You, Next.Worried about where to find copyright free music for your online videos? Let’s talk about a few places that you CAN get music that is allowed in your online videos. I hope this helps you out.

Today we are talking about:

YouTube Audio Library

Epidemic Sound



Use code “ShellySaves” for 10 FREE SONGS!
*Not an affiliate code, I receive nothing for this, just a free code for you! This video is not sponsored by AudioHero but I do use them personally and wanted to share this great resource with you for making videos.

You can search AudioHero’s library of over 250,000 tracks by genre, mood, BPMs and download your choice of MP3, AIFF, or WAV formats. AudioHero owns the copyright for all their music and their tracks can be used anywhere you make and publish online videos.

Also note, that if you have any paid level of service of TubeBuddy, you can get 10 Free downloads per month with your membership.

Here’s the video where I talk about Audio Hero:

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See you all tomorrow!

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