Subpocalypse on YouTube! | Podmas Day 14

It started as a tweet, a notice from Team YouTube about a subscriber cleanup process and a link to an article about what was happening. You could see the panic start to sink in for some folks, “Why is this happening? Where are my people going? How do I fix this?” questions started showing up online and the term and hashtag #subpocalypse started trending on Twitter. 

Today we are tackling the subject head on, what it means to have a spam subscriber clean up, what can you expect over what time frame,  and if you should be scared. 

Inevitably, it always pops up on any video you see, something along the lines of “Sub4Sub” and “Any small youtubers want to support each other?” The “support” is just an promise of a new subscriber, one who will never watch your videos and engage with your content but you don’t care as long as you see the numbers tick upwards on social blade counters. 

According to this article from youtube, Sub4Sub is actually a Terms of Service violation and could potentially get your channel terminated yet you see it time and time again. I don’t want anything like this to happen to you so lets talk about what is happening. I hope that this helps clarify YouTube’s stance on this subject. 

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