Things to Consider When You’re Doing Sponsored Content | Podmas Day 17

Things to Consider When You’re Doing Sponsored Content | Podmas Day 17

Eventually you’re going to be approached by a brand to do a sponsored post. First of all, let me say congratulations! Second, let’s put on our thinking cap and see if this is a good fit for you. So what are some general questions or guidelines one could follow when it comes to getting paid? 

Let’s discuss a few points. You deserve to be paid, don’t do things for “exposure”. Exposure most of the time is, worthless to you in the long run and extremely beneficial to the other party in the short term. If this is you, you may want to consider lacing up your Nike’s and getting the heck out of dodge. Not to say that doing some things for free can work out for you in the long run, absolutely they can, but those types of opportunities are usually best found by you, not the person who is asking. 

You should be getting paid for your time and effort and expertise. I know you may feel like you are a nobody, but you are a somebody and somebodies…get paid. Here are some sites that are good for helping you ball park a figure when you don’t know what to start charging and connecting you with brands that are looking for an influencer maybe just like you.


Make sure you have a contract and you know who is paying you, what is required, how compensation works, who owns the end result and where it will reside. I hope all of  this helps you on your next sponsored content masterpiece! 

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