Equipment Recommendations for Starting YouTube | Podmas Day 24

Equipment Recommendations for Starting YouTube | Podmas Day 24

Now that we’ve covered apps for photos, apps and software for videos, of course the next step is equipment recommendations.

I would never suggest that you go out and buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment without trying to make some videos first to see if you really enjoy the process.

You aren’t going to figure out if you love making videos in a normal return policy of any store, it takes time. So I am a big advocate for people to try to make videos with what they have. Start where you are, with what you have, and do what you can.

Here are some recommendations for equipment, If you have great deals you’ve discovered, list them in the comments and we can help each other not go crazy on spending a ton of money of stuff that isn’t needed!

Video Stuff:
Canon T6 Bundle → (Better bundle found on Amazon vs Best Buy!)
Panasonic G7 Bundle →
Panasonic Power Adapter →
Canon Camcorder Vixia Bundle →
Canon Power Adapter →
Logitech C922 →
Black Magic Recorder (Used for Streaming) →

Audio Stuff:
Blu Yeti USB Mic →
Blu Snoball →

Manfrotto Pixi Handheld Tripod →
Small Tripod →
Large Tripod →

Memory Cards:
64GB SD Card →

Lighting Stuff:
LimoStudio SoftBoxes →
White Balance Card →
Ring Light →

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