Scared but Hopeful

I did something scary. I made a decision. I was sitting at the lunch table during VidSummit one day, sandwiched in between Justin Brown of Primal Video and Steve Dotto of DottoTech hearing them try to convince me that what I have to teach is valuable and productizeable and should be made available to the world.

I hesitated, I didn’t believe them, because I didn’t yet believe in myself. I was waiting for someone to give me permission that this could be a real thing, I told them I didn’t see people doing this where I could follow their example.

They basically looked at me and said you don’t need “permission” to be the first one to do something and if you’re waiting for someone to emulate and you don’t see it, it’s probably going to be you.

When I hesitated and said I wasn’t sure, They let me know, if I was really looking for permission from someone, they were giving it to me. That’s a pretty powerful gift to give someone. The ability to have permission to achieve your goals you’ve hidden away and don’t share with people.

I told them no one would take me seriously and purchase something I offered. They said I had no proof to verify this statement if I’d never tried to actually make it available to people. That made me shut up. They were right. All I had were negative thoughts telling me that I couldn’t and here were 2 veterans telling me to go after what I want with gusto.

It’s ok if other people don’t understand, if they don’t believe, this isn’t for them. This is for the people who are waiting for permission to pursue what’s really in their heart.

Thank you Steve and Justin for your permission and insight, I want you to know I heard you and I’m doing this!

I created a product in my store before I could chicken out and I hit publish to make it “web official”. I would have never had the courage to do this without either of you.

If you have something that’s hiding out inside of you that you want to share, I’m giving YOU permission to let it out and share it with the world!

iMovie Made Easy Video Editing Course.

Coming soon to a MAC near you.


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