Subscriber Counts Don’t Matter! Interview with Eugene Capon | Podmas Day 6

Subscriber Counts Don’t Matter! Interview with Eugene Capon | Podmas Day 6

I know that title may stir up some debate but today I want to dispel the incorrect assumption that unless you have a ton of subs, you can never make a living on YouTube. I was lucky enough to interview my friend, fellow 2 time Seattle YouTube Day panelist and VR Evangelist, Eugene Capon from Capon Studio.

We started talking about the YouTube demonetization that happened earlier this year, the effect it had on the community and ways that he has managed to build a full time career as a creator online. Eugene has a wealth of knowledge and I hope that you will enjoy this episode.

*Side note: This is the first time I have ever tried to record a conversation that was held via Skype to edit in my audio interface. I ran into some technical difficulties so I apologize that I wasn’t able to fully separate the audio where both of us are speaking to edit out things that were happening at the same time. There may be some parts that aren’t as pleasing to the ear as usual. I will try to improve this for future recordings. Thanks!

If you want to connect with Eugene Capon find him online here:




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