I Can’t Believe This Has Happened!

It’s been an unbelievable last few days! Last Saturday my subscriber count was at 992. I was pushing so hard to try and break into 4 digit numbers. I wanted to hit 1000 so badly. Something about that, meant that I had made it, at least in my own mind. If you want to hear the story of how everything changed in such a short time, I outline it in some detail on my YouTube channel video which I will post here:


In a split decision, I decided to start a giveaway just to say thank you to all my subscribers old and new to celebrate. Fast forward 2 days later and my numbers grew even more so I decided to update my contest. See here:


I am so humbled and grateful that this experience has happened. I’m just a normal girl, making videos for the internet. It’s quite crazy that all of this has happened to me.

I absolutely cannot thank my friend Kimbyrleigha enough for the love that she has shown me and the influx of new subscribers that came to support her and myself! Thank you so much 💕

Kimbyrleigha’s Channel

I’m so excited to see where we go from here!

💕, Shelly